Women in the NZ Forestry industry are coming together to connect, learn and share our experiences at our next Women in Forestry event from 30 April - 2 May 2020 in Whangamata. 



Thursday 30 April 

Optional welcome drinks / dinner from 5 pm 

Friday 1 May 

Logging site visit 


Seminar / speakers 

Drinks / dinner 

Saturday 2 May 

Beach walk


Head home 


We're off to Moehau Logging and Hauraki Logging, owned by Women in Forestry Member Donna Clarke and Blu Balle. We'll have a Q + A and drill down on their approach to fostering an awesome crew culture. Transport will be provided from town to the site and back.  


We have a selection of speakers lined up to tackle workplace injury, emergency response from an Office Manager's perspective, dealing with trauma and more. 

Adam & Adele Diamond 

 What started as a normal day on the job ended in a life-changing experience for Adam Diamond. While tree falling things didn't go to plan and Adam became pinned under the tree.


Not able to move until winched out by the rescue helicopter, Adam's prognosis was worrying. Doctors advised he may have to lose both legs to stay alive. Adam underwent surgery and had one of his legs amputated, and the road to recovery was long.


As a 'logger for life', the options for Adam's future seemed uncertain. But picking up the pieces with the support of his employer and wife Adele, Adam has been able to continue in the industry with a more positive outlook and approach to life.

Adam and Adele will share their story and some of the lessons learnt, and show us how a life-changing injury doesn't have to equate to putting the brakes on a person's future. 

Nigel Airey 

As a highly experienced Logging Operations Manager and Whangamata's Volunteer Fire Brigade Fire Chief, Nigel Airey has seen a thing or two in his day when it comes to emergencies.  

 Nigel will join us to tackle emergency response, focusing on what it's like for the person in the office, who is often the female business owner and often the only one in phone signal when something unimaginable happens. 

What are the steps you should follow with emergency response and how can you be better prepared in your business? 

Following on from that, Nigel will touch on mental health and wellness in the workplace, particularly after a traumatic event.  

More speakers to be announced soon 


Tickets are FREE thanks to some generous donations from FICA and private contractors. Additional meals, accommodation and travel are at your own expense. 

rsvp here by 18 March


We have a reserved a block of  2 bedroom units at the Palm Pacific Resort Whangamata on Port Road, right in the heart of Whangamata and next to our seminar venue.


To book, contact the resort direct and quote 'Women in Forestry' to get our special rate. 

The rooms we have reserved are 2 bedroom units, but there are also some 1 bedrooms available if you'd rather not share. Or if you're happy sharing but don't have a buddy let us know and we'll try an connect you with another women in forestry!



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